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Limit on libiio buffer count?

Question asked by fpga-dev2 on Jan 5, 2018
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Hello, I'm trying to use the iio_device_set_kernel_buffers_count function to increase the number of buffers, but it seems that the maximum number of buffers generated is 6 (any number larger results in only 6 buffers). 


I'm using the AD9371 with ZC706 and 16MB buffers. I based my code on the provided ad9371-iiostream.c example with the transmit code removed. I'm just trying to capture as much contiguous data into DDR as possible, then transfer to storage media. 


I still have plenty of DDR free (over 300 MB), so i don't believe space is an issue.


I verified that only 6 buffers are created (when requesting 20) by printing the address returned by iiio_buffer_start in a loop with iio_buffer_refill. The addresses repeat after 6 requests. 


Is this a limit with libiio? the ad9371 kernel drivers? or something else?