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cldp throws Error: failed to resolve symbol "AFP_BreakReady".

Question asked by JRyall on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by JRyall

I'm using the ADSP-21469 EZ-Kit with Cross Core Embedded Studio. I loaded up the Power On Self Test example and ran the debugger. I also loaded the AD1939_Sampled_Based_Talkthru_48_Or_96 kHz and ran the debugger with that as well. I am using the ICE-1000 emulator and everything ran fine in the debugger. I was able to run the talkthru and I heard my signal just fine through my speaker.


Now the issue I'm having is when I try to actually program the device. I used elfloader with the following command:


elfloader "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe" -proc ADSP-21469


That generated the .ldr file just fine, and then I used the following command with the cldr: 


cldr -proc ADSP-21469 -emu ICE-1000 -driver "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe" -cmd info -cmd prog -erase affected -format hex -file "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.ldr" -cmd compare -format hex -file "C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.ldr"


And that's when I got the output you see here:


Target Sharc Emulators/EZ-KIT Lites
Platform ADSP-21469 via ICE-1000
Processor ADSP-21469
Core 0
Driver C:\Users\Dell\cces\2.6.0\examples\21469_ez-board_1.0.0\Power_On_Self_Test\Debug\21469_post.dxe
Error: failed to resolve symbol "AFP_BreakReady".
Error: driver load failed.


I've looked over some of the other posts about this issue but so far I haven't seen a solution that works. Does anyone know what causes this error and how I can fix it?