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RF DC Offset calibration

Question asked by s.kannan on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by sripad

In reference manual, it is mentioned that the RF DC offset calibration needs to run when frequency changes more than 100MHz. Our sampling rate is low(720ksps) which maps to a low ClkRF and with external LNA usage, the calibration time skyrocketed to 18sec(for 77 indices). What should I do now?

I got only 160us interval in between the frames ( i also need to us fast locking within this time which will eat 20us). Is there any other way of storing the calibrated value in BBP LUT and recalling those values. If that is possible, then what are all the registers for storing LUT ? 

In this discussion sripad mentions that RF DC offset tracking will take care itself during frequency change of 100MHz. Is it true, then can I move to next state without waiting or caring for RF DC offset calibration?