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What is Max Generated clock freq for AD9850 - REF/2 or REF/3 ?

Question asked by borisf on Jan 4, 2018
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Dear Forum.


The Datasheet for the AD9850 says in the opening paragraph that :


"The AD9850’s circuit architecture allows the generation of output frequencies of up to one-half the reference clock frequency (or 62.5 MHz)"


Later it refines that to:


"To apply the AD9850 as a clock generator, limit the selected output frequency to <33% of reference clock frequency, and thereby avoid generating aliased signals that fall within, or close to, the output band of interest".



We would need a 62.5 MHz top end frequency to use as an internal clock  - if we do that :

a) how badly affected would the generated clock be ?

b) any recomendations to work around this - are there best practice for filtering etc that you could recommend ?


Alternative is that we always use a lower clock frequency and use an FPGA PLL to scale it 2x.


Many thanks !