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Query regarding IMU ADIS16405

Question asked by Sushanth on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by NevadaMark
Sir / Ma'am,
We are working on a Three-axis stabilized nano-satellite (Low Earth Orbit) to meet the pointing and stability requirements for Imaging payload. The Inertial Sensor ADIS16405 has already been procured by us and we had some queries regarding the same.
The IMU ADIS16405 which is are using is of firmware version 1.1. The the datasheet which we are referring is Version B. The IMU is mounted on the PCB and the correctness of the hardware and software is verified.
1. We are attempting to write values into the registers mentioned below.
  •  SMPL_PLD (Address : 0x36)
  • SENS_AVG (Address : 0x38)
Initially we attempted to write values into these registers without any delay between these to right command. We observed that the values was not getting written inside the second register (SENS_AVG).
So, we included a delay of 30 us between the two write commands and we observed that the values were written in both the registers. 
Note: We came up with 30us by gradually increasing the delay in step of 5 us.
We wanted to know whether we have to maintain a standard particular time delay between any two consecutive write operation.
2. We wanted to know whether there is any maximum number of times, values can be overwritten on the flash memory. If yes, what is the maximum count?

We needed your technical help in order to get this problem rectified. Please do the needful. Thank you in advance. Awaiting your reply.