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Query regarding IMU ADIS16480

Question asked by Sushanth on Jan 3, 2018
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Sir / Ma'am,
We are working on a Three-axis stabilized nano-satellite (Low Earth Orbit) to meet the pointing and stability requirements for Imaging payload. The Inertial Sensor ADIS16480 has already been procured by us and we had some queries regarding the same.
The IMU ADIS16480 was mounted on the PCB board in order check the correctness of the software routine which reads the data from IMU. In order to verify the interface of IMU by observing the sensor reading, we placed a magnet in the vicinity of the IMU, but also made sure not to bring it too close which may cause saturation of magnetometer in the sensor ADIS16480.
But, from past few days, we are experiencing a problem. The static data obtained from IMU mounted on the evaluation board (EVAL-ADIS) was not matching the data obtained from the same IMU mounted on the PCB. The correctness of the code which reads the raw data from IMU is verified and there is no problem with the code.
In order to verify the IMU, we mounted it on the above-mentioned evaluation board and following observations were made.
1. As soon as the IMU was detected, we checked the values of calibration and Control registers to verify whether they were same as the default values mentioned in the datasheet. But, we were observing random values in the register banks.
Thus, a .csv file was created which contained the registers' name and their respective values which are according to our requirement.
Note: For reference, please find the following Excel file.
Column 1: Name of the Registers
Column 2: The initial values in registers (We are expecting the default values as mentioned in datasheet)
Column 3: Values of each register which are sent in a file (.csv) ("Load the register setting from file" option is available in register access)
Column 4: The values which were loaded are read once again to make sure that the registers values were changed to the required values.
1. The initial values (Power-on values) of the registers (calibration and control) are different from the default values.
2. Even after loading the required values to the respective registers, the values in few of the registers remain unchanged.
We are not sure what caused this problem. We needed your technical help in order to get this problem rectified. Please do the needful. Thank you in advance. Awaiting your reply.
Thanks & regards
Sushanth K Murthy.