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LT3757A DC DC Converter Design verification

Question asked by Vipin_2017 on Jan 3, 2018
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I am using LT3757A DC DC Converter in my design. I have chosen SEPIC configuration.

Please find the attached image of the circuit for verification. I have below queries with respect to the design.



1. Will it work with wide range of Input from 3.7V to 40V?


2. Output requirement is 5V/2A. Will the below circuit provide the expected output?


3. I have selected, MOSFET -->ZXMN4A06G, INDUCTOR -->SRN6045 and DIODE --> MBRS360T3G.

    Please have a check and see whether these parts are OK or not to use for the required output.


4. Output capacitor is selected Ceramic Cap 47 UF, 16V and 10 UF,25V whereas the reference circuit used Tantalum

    Capacitors.Will it be OK to use ceramic caps?


5. Input capacitors selected Ceramic 4.7 UF, 50V whereas the reference circuit used Tantalum Capacitors. Will it be OK to use Ceramic Caps?



Awaiting for a quick reply.



Vipin N N