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How to use AD9914 evaluation board to output a frequency sweep waveform?

Question asked by Zze on Jan 2, 2018
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   i just bought an AD9914 evaluation board from ADI ,after reading the users guide online ,i still have some problem about it,so belong are my problems and i will appreciate if these problems can be resolved. purpose is to generate a frequency sweep waveform.from 100MHZ to 1.1 GHZ,the sweep time is how to sellect the sysclk input ?

   2.i konw that the sysclock generates from clk pin,and this pin connect to ADCLK925 chip,there were no clock input in the pin J104,so should i give an external clock to J104 pin?if yes,what the frequency is will be perfect?

   3.i want to configure the parameters using the evaluation board software that i download from ADI website, but i don't know how to install the driver ,and my board can't be recognized by the can you tell me how to install the driver so that i can configure my parameters using the evaluation board?

   above are some questions that i meet ,thank you for your help if you can teach me how to solve these problems .