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Uncalibrated DC offset and Quadrature value

Question asked by s.kannan on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Vinod

I'm going to do frequency hopping with the frequencies sometimes hopping more than 100MHz. From the reference manual it is stated that the calibration time for quadrature and DC offset calibration will be in the range of 30ms (our application uses very less sampling rate of 768ksps so FIR clock will be 3.072Msps)

i) If we do transmission and reception without this calibration, what will be the worst case DC offset value and Quadrature error we may expect(the spectrum range is 70MHz to 520MHz)?

ii) Did you guys have any data for these uncalibrated values? If not, then guide me the way to calculate these errors such that if these error values are less than our specification, then we can move forward without calibrations.

iii) In datasheet, it is given that the LO leakage at Tx is -50dBm at 800MHz and at Rx it is -122dBm. Similarly, the quadrature gain error is 0.2% and phase error is 0.2 degree. Is these values are expected with calibration or without calibration?