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Future roadmap for VisualDSP++

Question asked by vix on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by Kader.M

I know that some years ago ADI released CCES which, as far as I know, is the "active" IDE for Blackifin, SHARC and ARM processors.

I'm almost sure that VisualDSP++ is not recommened anymore for new projects, it doesn't support new devices and maybe new tools (emulators, ...).

But I use it to actively maintain and develop products which use VDK OS and TCP/UDP based communication.

The last available release is 5.1.2, releases 4 years ago (if I'm right).

In the meanwhile, at least, OS changed and they will change in the future too.

The PC of the developer changes too, and Virtual Machines is often not an option (especially for emulation).

Everyone (users and developers) perfectly know that VDSP++ has a lot of open bugs (in the IDE, in the libraries, maybe in the toolchain too).

I need to know what should I expect from the future, to be ready for a quick reaction (when and if needed).


Which is the roadmap for VDSP++ in the future?

  • no more updates at all (bug fixes, new OS support, new features, ...)
  • crytical updates only (new OS support, bug fixes)
  • how long it will be supported


Will be a "forced migration" be necessary, soon or later?



Thanks in advance.