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LTC4355 external MOSFETS not switching OFF at Fault threshold.

Question asked by JPD on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by DEddleman



1VDS Fault not operating at expected 1.5V threshold when "Set" pin is open circuit
2Ref Schematic attached,MON1 at 17.2V: MOSFET M1 does not switch Off. PWRFLT1 LED LED4 is OFF.
3Similar case with MON2, MOSFET M2, PWRFLT2, /led5.
4FUSEFLT1, FUSEFLT2 switch OFF LED2, LED3 at 5.3V instead of 3.5V as per datasheet.
5MONx  pins do not meet expected setpoint threshold at 1.3V as per datasheet. Actual tripping is observed at 1.17V



Local FAE suggests increasing threshold setting resistor values while maintaining the same ratio.

not_convinced. Suggests we purchase Eval board.


Will someone knowledgeable, with real hands-on on the part look into the matter?