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ADT7470 Spin up Function

Question asked by henry-tang on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by KarenNE

Hi ADI Experter


Does ADT7470 still support Fan spin up function? 

As my customer feedback that they saw it in older version ADT7470 datasheet (Rev.B)

But they didn't see this function in the latest datasheet so they would like to confirm whether this function is still supported or not, thank you!!


And here's the description for reference : 


Fan Spin Up 

The ADT7470 has a unique fan spin-up function. Fans are PWMMAX on if there is no interaction with the ADT7470.
It incorporates a 2 second bus alive/dead detection feature. If no bus activity is seen and the ADT7470 is not specifically
written to within 2 seconds, the PWM outputs autodrive PWMMAX. This is useful where a system lock-up occurs
before software has a chance to configure the basic system devices. This is intended as a bus communication fail-safe


Thank you very much!!


Henry Tang