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AD9371 307.2 MSPS on ORX

Question asked by efficiency on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by efficiency

I'm trying to run the ORX port at 307.2 MSPS using the ZC706 and the reference SD card.  I have TX2 hooked up to ORX1 as a loopback test.  I'm using the IIO app and the DDS set to a single tone at 10 MHz.  When I use the default IIO settings with the sample rate set to 245.76 MSPS, I see a clean spectrum with spurs below -70dBm (see attachment).  However, when I try to run the same test with the sample rate set to 307.2 MSPS, I see distortion on the ORX path (see attachment).  The TX signal at 307.2 MSPS looks clean on a spectrum analyzer.

I'm using profile_config to load the profile generated by the Matlab tool (ADI Filter Wizard v1.10).  Please see the attached profile.


Was my profile generated correctly?  Is there a bug with the driver?