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HMC7044 PLL Clock

Question asked by seobi on Dec 29, 2017


I am designing a circuit using EVAL-HMC7044 and AD9625.

I have an inquiry about HMC7044.

On the EVAL-HMC7044, 122.88MHz clock is input to pin 48(#OSCIN).



 - I want to output the desired clock, but what about the formula for the PLL1 or PLL2 setting?

            (122.88 * (N2/R2)) / DIVIDER = CLKOUTx(????)

             N2 : Reg. 0x0035/0x0036

             R2 : Reg. 0x0033/0x0034

             DIVIDER : Reg. 0x00C9/0x00CA

I think it's right...


For example, please explain.

Thank you.