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Question asked by punk77 on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by punk77

I'm trying to simulate ADRF6518 using adisimRF. As I'm able to see, It is possible to drive digital vga1, vga2, vga3 and postamp (2+2+2+1 bits) to control gain between 33 to 66 by 3dB steps.

Using analog vgn1, vgn2, vgn3, it is possible to control gain/attenuation of 24 dB each vgn (72 dB total).

this is correct?

Inside the ADIsimRF, I see a strange behaviour:

- seems that DGA4 is not correctly "modeled" (or something wrong in any case), because I see only two values (13,2 and 19,2...)

But when I chose one of those two value, the program, answers with


let me know


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