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Question asked by piero on Dec 24, 2017

ADM811TARTZ is perfect as Logic Low RESET for ADAU1701 and I use it in different hardware.
I have to modify a hardware with on board ADAU1701 and I need an IC identical to ADM811TARTZ but with integrated also the function POWER FAIL INPUT, to check the level of battery charge.
I do not need to constantly know the charge, but only a level and exactly when the battery reaches the minimum level allowed.
In an old circuit I used the POWER FAIL INPUT of an ADM706 connected as shown in the drawing and it works perfectly.


I had also read somewhere that by the end of the year Analog would start to distribute a DSP similar to ADAU1701 but with the possibility to play audio files as well.
Someone has news and if so what is the DSP

Some advice, thanks