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Linux Kernel 2015_R2 does not support ADV7511

Question asked by htorke on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by aardelean

My reference card has the following in the "build_info.txt" file


Linux SHA:5e6cec4d7c7fa2ed350d0964bd772577c8c8c6f3
Linux branch:2015_R2
Linux repository:
Linux Altera SHA:79756546b9d4d797c2c0598da5264031e52f401a
Linux Altera branch:altera_4.0
Linux Altera repository:
Vivado SHA:2524f19ae0c989e9b46592e7b17eecaa64e8fd39
Vivado branch:hdl_2015_r2
Vivado repository:


And so I pulled linux-2015_R2 from your linux git repository and built another uImage. When I load this new image, the kernel loads and starts up, but the ADV7511 chip fails with error -22.


This same error occurs when I try using linux-2015_R1 as well. Using linux-2016_R1 or later causes problems with the FMC card I am attempting to use.


The other files, such as the BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb are left the same, the only apparent difference is that the github linux is different than the uImage on the file. Where can I get the correct linux source for this build?