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AD8138/39 have poor distortion specs driving 100ohm diff lines. Are there better more powerful diff drivers? If not, can two be paralleled? Directly or seperate amps plus combiner?

Question asked by Joergsch on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2017 by xzsawq21

We have to drive ribbon cables with 100ohms. For some reason the driver specs are given for 500ohms and 800ohms as a load which just does not make sense in real life. Maybe when driving ADCs but not when driving cables. Does AD have a solution for that? If two of these can be paralleled would it be ok to directly stitch together pin to pin or wold we have to build two complete diff amps and combined their outputs via 10ohm resistors. The latter would almost be prohibitive in terms of neede real estate on our current project. We need to drive to +/-2.5V on each line and BW must be 100MHz or better.