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Hardware Calibration on IQ Imbanlance

Question asked by eastliver on Dec 22, 2017
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Hi, everyone! Long time no see. Now I am devoted to my dissertation. However, I have met with some problems.

1、In my dissertation, I do research on RF receiver front end, trying to transform the L band satellite signals into near zero IF(not zero IF). By IQ demodulation, I can achieve that. But I need to solve the imbalance in amplitude and phase between I and Q paths. As we all know, the calibration in software is quite popular. I have seen a lot of calibration algorithms. Nevertheless, I want to improve the IQ imbalance in hardware. Is there any ways?

Can you help me! Thanks a lot!

2、The attachment is from a patent which sought to solve that. But it contains the baseband processing. Namely, it refered to the receiver not just the front end, whichi is beyond my research category. If there no better ways, I have to choose the idea in the patent. But the values are all uncertain. How can I select them?