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ADC overload detector of ad9364

Question asked by s.kannan on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Vinod

How the ADC overload detector works?

In reference manual it is mentioned that when the ADC is at clipping, it will give output of +4 or -4. So, if I set no. of samples as 4, then when there is a clipping the ADC detector will see the samples with the values of +4 or -4. So my z will be 4^2+4^2+4^2+4^2=64. If I set my large threshold to 32 and decrement gain step to 2 in ADC setup and decrement gain step of 0 for all the other peak and power detectors and increase the input signal level, I should not see any clipping. But still clipping is happening. I don't understand why it is happening and how the ADC detectors are working?

I'm using a default gain table(Full table)

Input level=-20dBm

Hardware gain=23dB(Slow attack AGC)

The response is attached below: