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ADRV9371x with A10GX no-OS setup

Question asked by waveform10 on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by DragosB
Branched from an earlier discussion

OK, thank you for reply. May I continue to ask you questions in that forum topic?


My next problems are:

1) How should I do copy source files to my NIOS project? Do I need to save dirrectory structure:


platform_xilinx\                   //is it realy needed for Altera???


When I do this, project doesn't build. Eclipse can not find include (*.h) files in subdirrectories. I tried to  set up include path in Project -> C/C++ General -> Path and Symbols but it doesn't help the situation. My be it is because my poor knowledge of Eclipse and I should configure environment somehow. Anyway, I work it out by coping all *.h and *.c files in one dirrectory.


2) After that I got this build error:
'DAC_GPIO_PLDDR_BYPASS' undeclared here (not in a function)    headless.c    /software/src    line 122    C/C++ Problem


I've found that DAC_GPIO_PLDDR_BYPASS only defines in the platform_drivers.h file in  platform_xilinx dirrectory, which I didn't copy to my project, because of coinciding names. OK, I transfer definitons:
#define GPIO_OFFSET            54
to altera  platform_drivers.h and this error goes away.


3) After that I got this error:
Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type  make: *** [software.elf] Error 1    software             C/C++ Problem


And I stuck with it.


Eclipse console output is:


...\hdl\projects\adrv9371x\a10gx\software\AD9371/HAL/src/alt_instruction_exception_entry.c:95: warning: Unable to reach (null) (at 0x00087da0) from the global pointer (at 0x00074a2c) because the offset (78708) is out of the allowed range, -32678 to 32767.

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [software.elf] Error 1


My current configuration is:

Project: hdl\projects\adrv9371x\a10gx\

Altera project brunch: Master

No-OS project brunch: 2016_R2

Quartus Prime: 16.0.0 build 211 standart edition

Eclipse (comes with quartus): Version: Kepler Service Release 2 Build id: 20140224-0627


I just want to go thru all build process and see example project working on my evaluations boards: Arria 10GX GPGA Development Kit and ADRV9371-W.


Thank you for support.