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About AD9970 Equivalent circuit&Filter characteristics

Question asked by Yuya on Dec 20, 2017
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My customers say they want to use AD9970.
So I got some questions.


#1 An equivalent circuit of CCDIN is described on page 11 of the data sheet, but the constants of R and C are not   

  listed. How many are the constants?

  If it seems to fluctuate, please tell me the maximum variation value.


#2 "The CDS circuit samples each CCD pixel twice to extract the video information and to reject low frequency noise."

  is stated in the data sheet P.36. Is there information on filter characteristics as to what extent of low frequency noise

  band and attenuation level is?


#3 Is there S parameter for CCDIN input circuit and CDS circuit?

  Simulation results are also good. I want to know about frequency characteristics.


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