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Using IIO as a spectrum analyzer

Question asked by cswanson on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by travisfcollins


I am struggling with how to use IIO as a spectrum analyzer for the DAQ2 board.  There are multiple issues:

1) I am comparing the results on a traditional spectrum analyzer and I am not getting anything close to what IIO is giving me.  I don't see the DAQ2 output signal at 1 GHz +/- 30 MHz at all.  My main purpose is the use it to capture the DAC output from your DAQ2 development board running on a Xilinx KCU105.  I am expecting to see a signal using Frequency Domain at either 500 MHz or 1GHz for the JESD output.

2) The zoom around a window goes back to full zoom after a few seconds.

3) I am seeing many spurs even when the development board is turned off. The picture below is with the output powered off.

I am using v0.7-master on Windows 10.  Should I be using another branch?  My platform is the Avnet PicoZed SDR SOM 2x2 Development board.