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ad9371 sleep mode? jesd still active

Question asked by chinton on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by gverma


I was interested in using the ad9371 in a rx only mode.  Ideally the ad9371 would self calibrate, take a desired few spectrum measurements, and turn off.  But because I have another JESD link on the board, with a single jesd clock generator, I don't think I can redo the JESD initialization during live operation.  I'm worried that I'd need to send out a SYSREF, which would cause my existing multi-GSPS DAC to go back into CGS phase.  Is there anyway to save power by keeping the ad9371 JESD link operational, but turning off other stuff?  And then later on, just turning on the stuff that was just turned off?  Aka, how can I save power but keep the JESD link(s) alive?


Chris H