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Possibly broken AD8302

Question asked by chamathkv on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by jdobler

I currently have two AD 8302 evaluation boards with which I am running testing so as to use it in fabricating a VNA later on. However I ran into some problems. 


In the case of one device, I input different dBm values ranging from 20dBm to -60dBm to "INPA" and INPB". However the Vmag and Vphase both give me a voltage reading of around 2 Volts and above. I am supplying power to the AD 8302 using a DC generator, in which I give 5.0V with 0.02A. I noticed that when I reduce the DC voltage supplied, the Vmag also reduces, completely ignoring the "INPA" and "INPB".


The second device started malfunctioning as well. When I supply a voltage of 5V, the device starts taking up to 0.2A and then the IC starts to get really hot. At this point I removed the power supply as I was unsure what was happening.


Are the two devices broken? Can they be restored in anyway?