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I can't receive Ack/ signal (in ADV212)

Question asked by ryeong on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by DaveD

I have a board with xilinx FPGA and microBlaze in it.

There is also an ADV212 which we want to use in HIPI encode mode.

So, I followed Technical note(TN-002) and used reference code rev19. (also, I used microblaze, too)

But, I can't receive ACK/ signal.







MCLK : 27Mhz
Reset Timing : 5ms
Core Voltage : 1.5V
I/O Voltage : 2.5V


Dack0 <- '1';

Dack1 <- '1';





PLL_HI = 0x0008    (ACK/ signal OK)

PLL_LO = 0x0004  (ACK/ signal OK)



-- delay50us


BOOT = 0x8A          (No ACK/)

MMODE = 0x0A      (No ACK/)

BMODE = 0x0A       (No ACK/)







I already checked write cycle timing active width. (40ns)

and confirm ADDR, HDATA, WR_b, CS_b asserted correctly. (using ociloscope).


IOVDD, DGND, VDD are also ok.




I can't receive Ack/ signal. but, I can't find what is wrong.