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AD8302 not giving desired results

Question asked by chamathkv on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by enash

I recently acquired 2 AD8302 evaluation boards to be used to create a Vector Network Analyser. The assembly is as shown below.


Assembly of AD 8302


The "Gain" output was connected to a multimeter and the "INPA" and "INPB" were connected to a signal generator in order to test how the 0-1.8V output is shown depending on varying changes in magnitude. A DC power supply of 5.5V was also connected. 

However I did not get the desired results. Vmag readings did not remotely resemble the output shown in figure 5 of the datasheet. The values I did get are shown below, the frequency of "INPA" and "INPB" were both 1900MHz.


Am I doing something wrong? If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.