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the impedance match of hmc943A

Question asked by Bebetter on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Bebetter

Hi all


when i use hmc943 in K band (24G~24.25G). i want to do the impedance match for it to get better VSWR


i use the microstrip to match the chip. But the result is not satisfied.


1:The attachment is the dxf of the match microstrip. Can you give me some advice?


2:Firstly,i draw the layout of the microstrip in HFSS and  i simulate the microstrip lonely in HFSS , then i output 

the SNP file of the microstrip. Lastly, i input the SNP file of the microstrip into ADS and connect it to the SNP of HMC943A  . So i can get the result of the chip and microstrip. Does this method is correct?



look forward for your reply.