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Digital down conversion with FMCADC4

Question asked by mkhandaker on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by larsc

I am using AD9680  in my design with FMCADC4 board. I am  trying to modify the FMCADC4 reference design for Xilinx ZC706 board to my configuration. 


I am using  1 ADC on the board.  The 2 channels of the ADC is used with 2 DDC blocks   and decimation ratio of 8.  I have in total 4 virtual converters. I am using the 2 lanes  with 5 GBS per line rate.  


 I have modified  the axi_ad9680_xcvr , util_fmcadc4_xcvr and axi_ad9680_jesd cores for 2 lane configuration. 

This results in a 64 bit AXI streaming data output from JESD core to the axi_ad9680_core. 


The axi_ad9680 is designed for the default full bandwidth configuration, 2 channels and 128 bit data input. It has 2 channels. How can I modify this core to interface to interface the 64-bit bus of the JESD core. Can any one give me a guide line on this.