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AD9250 on linux microblaze

Question asked by bernardobc on Dec 18, 2017
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I am trying to use the adcs AD9250 on the fmc-jesdadc1-ebz board and the Xilinx KC705 evaluation kit.
I compiled the project ‘fmcjesdadc1/kc705’ on Vivado 2016.4
and Linux, branch 'xcomm_zynq' .


System runs Ok, but I’m not seeing devices axi-ad9250-hpc-x on iio:
$ iio_info
Library version: 0.5 (git tag: v0.5)
IIO context created with local backend.
Backend version: 0.5 (git tag: v0.5)
Backend description string: Linux buildroot 4.9.0-g40c215821145 #6 Mon Dec 18 11:18:49 WET 2017 microblaze
IIO context has 1 devices:
        iio:device0: ad9517-1


Device drivers seem to be installed:
$ ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/
40000000.gpio              44a10000.axi-ad9250-hpc-0  7c430000.axi_dmac
40010000.gpio_lcd          44a20000.axi-ad9250-hpc-1  Fixed MDIO bus.0
40600000.serial            44a60000.axi-adxcvr        alarmtimer
40e00000.ethernet          44a70000.axi_quad_spi      amba_pl
41400000.serial            44a91000.axi-jesd204b-rx   reg-dummy
41600000.i2c               60000000.flash             serial8250
41c00000.timer             7c420000.axi_dmac


$ ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/44a10000.axi-ad9250-hpc-0/
driver_override  modalias         of_node          subsystem        uevent


Any help on how to get data from ADCs either from IIO or direct accessing ?