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Connect IIO to ADC-SOC Cyclone 5 Cortex A9

Question asked by NilsMinor on Dec 18, 2017
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i am using the terasic ADC-SOC for evaluation purpose. The ADC-SOC generates data using two 125 MSpS AD9254.

Terasic provides a very basic example on how to get data out of the ADC into the HPS (Cortex A9) and print them out on linux running on the HPS (Cortex A9).


I've seen the IIO Oscilloscope project, which is quite awesome. I have some questions:


- How to connect Evaluation boards to the software? How is the data path, I mean how is the software getting the input data?


- Is it possible to run on the HPS of the Cyclone 5 of my ADC-SOC? I can pass the data to the linux and can grab it with C code. How to push it to IIO or am I understand it wrong?


Thanks for your response