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How to send a signal to a Host Controller via SPI?

Question asked by pedromartin3z on Dec 16, 2017

Hi folks and analog devices employees,


I recently was recommended(See this topic) SigmaDSP processors ADAU145x and ADAU146x for an specific application which requires SPI communication with a host Microcontroller. Specifically, I do need to send a signal (X1 in the schematic below), to a Host Microcontroller for further processing:



I've found other topics which talk about parameter control and booting from a Microcontroller, but I've not been able to find any documentation neither functional block or reference on sigmastudio to send a signal (the output of a block on sigmastudio) via SPI.


I'm considering purchasing the EVAL-ADAU1466 Evaluation Kit, but first I would highly appreciate if I can ascertain my application is doable. 


Thank you in advance,