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AD9520-4BCPZ  Not working in PLL ON mode

Question asked by shailendra on Dec 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by pkern

Hello Sir, I have AD9520-4BCPZ Evaluation board. When I am giving input to the clock pin and configuring the board by using AD9520 evaluation software in Asynchronous PD mode( Distribution mode only),everything is working fine , I have checked the responses by using Oscilloscope.

 I am trying to use the Eval. board in Normal operation mode i.e. PLL ON mode. In this case I have feed the input of 100 MHz to reference 1. PLL lock is not happening(Lock detector LED is off) and I am not able to see the response.


Kindly tell me if I have to change any settings in this board for using this board in synthesis and distribution mode .