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ADXL372 FIFO read

Question asked by jkapcio on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by jwang

According to the ADXL372 data sheet on page 53:

FIFO Data. A read to this address pops a 2-byte word of axis data from the FIFO. FIFO
data is formatted to 2 bytes (16 bits), most significant byte first. Two subsequent reads
complete the transaction of this data onto the interface. Continued reading of this field
continues to pop the FIFO every third read. Multibyte reads to this address do not
increment the address pointer. If this address is read due to an autoincrement from the
previous address, it does not pop the FIFO. It returns zeros and increment on to the
next address.


Does this say that it takes 3 reads to get 2 bytes of data? Every time?




Jim Kapcio