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Getting the BF592 to Boot out of SPI0 Flash

Question asked by T.Furguson on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by T.Furguson

Hello everyone,


So I have been using the EZ Kit for the 592 and am now transitioning to my own layout.  I have installed the M25P16-VMW6TG off of SPI0 using SPI0SSEL2 following the schematic in the EZKIT LITE Manual.  I have 10k pullups to 3.3V on CS, SO, and a 10k pulldown on SCK (referencing the flash chip).  I also have WP and HOLD pulled up and not connected to the Blackfin.  Boot mode is also set to BMODE2:0 = 0b100.


The program simply toggles an LED and runs beautifully using the emulator, but when I go to program it to run in stand-alone mode I am having issues getting it going.  I am using the Flash Programmer Utility included in Visual DSP (using the latest version).  The device driver loads and it programs the ldr file and says erase and program successful.


The options I use to create the loader file in release mode are "SPI", "Intel Hex", and "8 bit width", "Use default start address".  There is no custom start up or anything along those lines, just a plain blinking light program.


After I program the flash, remove the emulator, and cycle power you can see the SPI0 lines dancing.  Each pin looks like it is doing what it should be doing.  The lines look good and sharp - but it does appear that the flash is spitting out the same data over and over and over and it just hangs in an endless loop sending the same info and the program never really starts - the LED never toggles.


Can some one please send me along some kind of productive path instead of just spinning my wheels?  Thanks in advance!