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AD9364 and XC7K160T

Question asked by AlexCPM on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by CsomI

Dear Analog Support,

I have to use a custom board with one XC7K160T-2FBG676C to interface and use two AD9364 (both of chains tx and rx); I tried to write my own interface (in HDL), but I didn't find so much information on standard documentation, so I have some questions:

a) Is there some design guidelines to write a custom interface (mostly on LVDS) ?

b) Or if not, is it possible to use the AD9361 reference design (that it is builded to work on XC7K325T-2FFG900C) and compile it for the XC7K160T-2FBG676C ?

c) Is there a detailed documentation also on how to write a driver (or is it necessary to use the api -NOOS- mandatory ) ?

d) I found that there was a "ad9361 customer software" that could help to set the registers, but I didn't find the download site; is there a new version or something similar to help for register setting (or download the old version)?

Thank you.