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reg power consumption reduction in picozed SDR SOM

Question asked by Kalkikrishna on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Neil.wilson

When we need to use the picozed SDR SOM for low power applications, it is required to reduce the power consumtion.

I request the following details. Whether we can remove unwanted devices from the SOM using automated desoldering setup for reducing the power consumption for power sensitive requirements or if removing unwanted devices is not recommended, whether the board file given in the link ADRV936x RF SOM Hardware [Analog Devices Wiki]  can be used for fabricating the SOM. Please advice.

At poweron itself, the zynq temperature reads in "DMM" of IIO oscilloscope as 48degC(the image file came along with the picozed hardware is used for this measurement) at the open condition(without the enclosure) at room temperature. In five hours the temperature reads as 67degC.