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AD9371 JESD supply

Question asked by jiv4ik on Dec 15, 2017
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   I have a question about JESD supplies of AD9371.On page 263 of UG-992 it is written "The JESD_VTT_DES and VDDA_SER supplies are 1.3V. These can be powered from the main analog core voltage if desired as long as appropriate isolation is used. It is suggest that for best performance the JESD_VTT_DES and VDDA_SER supplies come from a separate regulator so that they can be varied from 1.3 V to 1.2 V to adhere to the JESD specification. Both require a tolerance of ±5%."  And in table 184 describes the recommendation сonnect N8, P9 and P8 pins (VDDA_SER and JESD_VTT_DES) to 1.3V plane together. N9 pin (VDDA_DES) recommend connect to 1.3 V plane with separate trace.

   But in ADRV9371-N_PCBZ_Schematic_RevB the JESD power supply of AD9371 connect in another way. (see picrure).

   What is the correct connection method?