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Question asked by jacob on Nov 15, 2011
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I was using the BF - 548 Eval Board with the usb_audio_app to download buffers for the Board to the PC, using the USB port.

to do so, i have defined my own buffers, set up a timer to invoke interrupts, and assigned my buffers to the USB PHI.


at the PC, i was using a cerian program to receive the buffers.

All this was done.

i was not using the Codecs (AD1980, AC97).


if i am commenting the all the codec's initialization, the PC does not recognize the device (with the USB port)

i want to comment this out, in order to integrate this to my own project on my own board, that does not have these codecs...


i understand that if i am not using the codecs, i will not get the AudioCodecCallback interrupt that will invoke the MSG to the PC, but it is not a problem, because i have my own timer that invokes my interrupts calling the AudioCodecCallback function independently.


so, how can i use this project, without using the codecs and still, the PC will recognize the Device as a USB device?

what is the link between the Codec to the USB PHI, that i can cancel, and create my own link?