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ADAU1452 Rotary encoder not working

Question asked by mantabernd on Dec 14, 2017
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I got some trouble with the ADAU1452 and a rotary encoder. It's not working either on my own design or the demo board.


I tried it with a really simply small demo program which you can find attached to this post.


Rotary encoder is a regular one from alps. I already used this encoder with ADAU1701 without any problems. The hardware looks ok so far, I also checked the gray code on my scope and looks how it should look like.



I'm using MP12 and MP13 as well as interface 0.





The same setup works perfect with my ADAU1701 setup but does nothing with my ADAU1452. I'm really confused... there must be something really stupid.


If I readback MP12 and MP13 the levels are changing from high to low when I move the encoder. 


Can you please have a look at it? This really blows my mind and the customer is waiting for this "easy" task...


Btw: where can I readback my interface registers? I remember it from ADAU1701 Gui where I simply saw the values from interface registers. I couldn't find this info in ADAU1452 Gui.


My SigmaStudio Version is 3.15 but I also tested it with 3.16 Beta.


Thanks so far for your help.