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Reading the internal temperature sensor of AD7124

Question asked by jay_hj on Dec 14, 2017




I'm trying to configure the ad7124-4 to read its internal temperature sensor. I feel this is most of a software issue (configuration) than hardware that I'm not reading the right value.


This my code flow:



SPI_write 0xB211 to 0x0E // Channel 5, AINP to temperature sensor, AINM to AVSS

SPI_write 0x0810 to 0x1C // Config 3

SPI_write 0x0182 to 0x01 // ADC_CONTROL

while ( SPI_read(0x00) & (1<<7)); // wait till RDY bit goes low

data_32 = SPI_read from address 0x02 // Data register

float temperature = ((data_32 - 0x800000)/13,584) - 272.5;



But I end up getting 311.5 as my temperature and it never changes. It's always constant. Also when I read 0x00 status register, it is 0x00 all the time. I don't get why it doesn't even show channel 5 as active.


Note: 1. I have verified that all my SPI writes have gone through by reading back the registers again.

2. I observed the DRDY pin when CS was pulled low, CLK , VS, GND : connected, MISO, MOSI: unconnected and it was pulsing as expected.

3. The AD7124-4 is connected to my STM32 discover board which is powered by my USB.

4. All the other registers not mentioned above have their default values.

5. The reset_device() has also been verified by reading back the values of the registers and they match the reset values specified in the datasheet.


Any help is greatly appreciated.