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Use MISCA[4-5] to invert a DAI signal

Question asked by rolf on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Jithul_Janardhanan


I have a similar question as Use SRU to invert SPI DS? . My project is based on ADSP-21488. I have a signal on DAI_PB10 and at some point I would like an inverted variant to be routed, for example to DAI_PB03_I. I was under the impression that this is feasible with MISCA4 or MISCA5, using the INV_MISCA[4-5]_I. My initial routing contains this:


SRU(LOW,DAI_PBEN10_I); // Pin Buffer 10 as input (OSC)
SRU(HIGH,DAI_PBEN03_I); // Pin Buffer  3 as output (OSC#)
SRU(DAI_PB10_O,MISCA5_I); // Route DA10 to miscellaneous buffer A5 (OSC -> MISCA5)
SRU(MISCA5_O,DAI_PB03_I); // Route MISCA5 to DA03 (OSC# -> DA03)
SRU(HIGH,INV_MISCA5_I); // invert miscellaneous buffer A5 output (MISCA5 -> OSC#)


But unfortunately DAI_PB03 output stands completely still.

Shouldn't this do the job?

I tried something similar with the polarity inversion on DAI_PB20 (using INV_DAI_PB20_I), which works fine, but I'd rather not waste that DAI pin if it can be done with MISCA[4-5].


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