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Peaking filter coefficients calc

Question asked by Al-x on Dec 13, 2017
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Good day!


Where I can find correct formulas for calculating coefficients for peaking filters, using in parametric EQs for ADAU1451 DSP.


I found that page General Filters [Analog Devices Wiki] , but only parametric there is. I try to use this formula (I use EXEL and Sigma Studio for compare), and the results are near at positive value of dBBoost, and different at negative value of dBBoost. I attach my test Exel File)


Search give nothing, or I`m bad googler)))


I found only that Peaking filter transfer function But there is no answer((


It will be perfect, if somewhere is formulas for all types of filters in parametric EQs. And good too, if there is formulas for creating the same plots like in Sigma Studio.


Finaly, I`m going to do external interface for changing audio processing parametrs with using microcontroller or ARM microprocessor in Web Panel interface.