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DDR3L on SC584 SoC

Question asked by lukma on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan

Dear Support,


I would like to know if there are any problems with using DDR3L memory with SC584 SoC?


Why I'm asking?


Please refer to: 


Page 407:

NOTE: According to JEDEC STD specification (JESD79‐3‐1A.01) DDR3L
marked devices (1.35V) can also be connected to ADSP-SC589 processors
as these devices also meet 1.5V voltage level specifications of DDR3
marked devices.


Is the ADSP-SC584 not mentioned on purpose or by mistake?


Specifically, I would like to connect DDR3L memory (DDR3L RAM MT41K128M16JT-125)

already supported by ADI's BSP (but working with SC589 SoC) to SC584.


Thanks in advance,