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AD9361: TX mode - How to?

Question asked by Eugen_pcad_ru on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Eugen_pcad_ru

Hello! I'm using NO-OS driver for AD9361 device on my board in CMOS mode. I have some problems in TX mode.
After loading modified default initialization parameters into AD9361 (file "modify_default_init.cpp") I want see simple TX tone at TX1-OUT of device.
I see slow signal. And I have strange empty content of 'TX'-registers:
Tx1 Out 1 Phase Corr        Addr 0x08E Data 0x00
Tx1 Out 1 Gain Corr            Addr 0x08F Data 0x00
Tx2 Out 1 Phase Corr        Addr 0x090 Data 0x00
Tx2 Out 1 Gain Corr            Addr 0x091 Data 0x00
Tx1 Out 1 Offset I            Addr 0x092 Data 0xFF
Tx1 Out 1 Offset Q            Addr 0x093 Data 0xFF
Tx2 Out 1 Offset I            Addr 0x094 Data 0x00
Tx2 Out 1 Offset Q            Addr 0x095 Data 0x00
It seems that something is wrong. Calibration is failed?
What algorithm for TX-calibration is used? Functions, registers or what? Where can I read about it? Who helps me?


Thanks in advance for any answers.
Regards, Evgeniy