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AD8330 with AD8131

Question asked by Tajok on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by BobC

Hi everyone. Sorry for my english. Please try understand me:) I have a problem with AD8330.
I'm designing a DIY digital oscilloscope. I want to use a typical double j-fet circuit in input.
The j-fet are powered by +/-5V. Next AD8131 (+/-5V) are driving VGA AD8330(+5V). On all schematics I have
seen that the AD8131 has a two resistors: 24.9 and 49.9 ohm. My question is...can I connect the
inverting input to global ground and non inverting input trought the output j-fet without those resistors?
In my circut I can't connect the 49.9ohm resistior to ground, it's too big load for J-FET.