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AD9914 Evaluation Board input signal

Question asked by limit-radius on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by jpotter0

Hello. I am a new learner on AD9914 evaluation board, now I have some troubles to get the board work. I noticed that the user guide said,

   Connect a high frequency input clock signal up to 3.5/2.5 GHz to J104. or

   Connect a lower input reference frequency to J104 and enable the internal clock multiplier (PLL). 


  What kind of signal will I use to drive the board, the wave form, frequency, amplitude and the phase, and can I use a signal source or a signal generator to provide the input REF_CLK signal?


  Furthemore, if I want to use the board to produce a 3.5GHz signal, which mode should I choose, and what kind of input REF_CLK signal should I use with the features mentioned above?

Looking forward for your reply.

Wish you a happy Christmas!