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ADE9000 Setup

Question asked by digikeyfan on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by digikeyfan

I ran a quick test on this eval board using a variac transformer outputing 48V. For voltage sensing, I connected Line to VAP and neutral to VAN. For current, I let the voltage go through 0.7 Ohms of shunt resistor and connected each end of the resistor to IAP and IAN. My test rig had load of 150 Ohms. After powering the variac up, the ADE90XX eval software crashed. Later I discovered that the ADE9000 chip on the eval board was fried, thus causing the software to crash also.


Is ADE9000 not supposed to be connected to a shunt resistor for current sensing? I recognized that the user guide only showed how to configured the board for current transformer and gorowski coil option. I followed the gorowski coil configuration while placing a shunt resistor. Is this supposed to fry the ADE9000 chip?