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ADV7391generate color bars 'without' bt656 input video mode

Question asked by gsaavedra on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Anthony_Purcell

We have a customer using the ADV7391 and would like to know the following. We are using the ADI ADV7391 video encoder on a new project - MSI (Multi-Sensor Interface) and need to have the encoder operate as a color bar generator for camera checkout in the field.  The encoder I2C initialization is needed for the following conditions:  1. No BT656 digital input to the encoder - the encoder is to operate in free-run mode  2. 27MHz clock 3. SD NTSC Video color bars output on DAC1  Pls check with ADI and see if they have the I2C initialization for this mode. FYI what customer tried as well. I have looked at the script files but the primary question is whether or not the ADV7391 video encoder can generate color bars 'without' bt656 input video to the encoder.  If the encoder can generate color bars without bt656 input then what initialization is required for this mode.  We have been testing the encoder on our boards without success.