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Multi-channel beamforming and frequency-domain analysis on SigmaDSP

Question asked by pedromartin3z on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by mmmike

Hi folks and analog devices administrators,


I'm new to digital signal processors and I'm trying to evaluate SigmaDSPs for multi-channel beamforming and frequency-domain analysis as described:
- 8ch @11025Hz I2S TDM Input

- Beamforming

- Direction Of Arrival Algorithms

- Real FFT (Size: 1024)

- SPI communication with Host Microcontroller (Real FFT is the output data)


I do understand SigmaDSPs are low-cost stream-oriented DSPs with a lack of external memory interfaces that limit the applications. However, I'm still attracted to then given the block programming tools provided through sigmastudio as well as their cost.


I've found FFT blocks were lately implemented starting with sigmastudio 3.14. I do also find sigmastudio 2-channel beamformer.

Are SigmaDSPs the correct solution for the described application or should I look for SHARC DSPs instead?


Thanks in advance,